Council should reject zoning for ‘Fort Kroger’

"No to Fort Kroger" sign in Ms. Savage's yard.

“No to Fort Kroger” sign in Ms. Savage’s yard.

Below is a Letter to the Editor submitted by Kate Savage on 7/31/13.  Find the original post at


Kroger is seeking to enlarge its store on Euclid Avenue, right in the heart of urban Chevy Chase. It wants to expand from 37,594 square feet to 96,546 square feet, including basement storage and food prep space.

The current B-1 zone, Neighborhood Business, the existing zone throughout the unique Chevy Chase village-like retail area, doesn’t accommodate such a large footprint. So Kroger is seeking a zone change to B-6P, Planned Shopping Center.

However it will be the only shop within the “shopping center” and the only lot in Chevy Chase zoned “shopping center.”

Fayette Mall is zoned B-6P and is a recognizable shopping center. The intent of that zone is to accommodate diverse and mixed-use businesses allowing for the sharing of common denominators such as parking, landscaping and customer allure and to encourage coexistence as a complementary commercial collective.

Unable to realize its desired expansion even within the B-6P zone change, Kroger is also asking for variances that will allow it to bypass standard requirements of this zone.

Arguing that without the zone change and the five variances it would suffer undue hardship, Kroger has applied for the “best fit” zone which it now wants rewritten and tailored to suit its expansion demands.

Is there a property owner in Fayette County who wouldn’t like to successfully employ this same argument?

Council meets in August to vote this zone change up or down. I urge the council to vote no to B-6P. No to Fort Kroger.

-Kate Savage


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